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Landing Craft Utility

To transport, deploy and recover troops and equipment from ship to shore and vice versa, this ship shall be equipped with bow Ramp for handling the combat equipment and vehicles. Arrangement for transporting/ stowing, securing, loading and unloading of combat equipment and vehicles on main deck. Ballast tanks with ballasting/deballasting arrangements to achieve desired trim and for smooth beaching/unbeaching. Arrangement to pull in / pull out vehicles which are stranded on the beach by one tank hauling capstan installed on main deck.


Principal Particulars

Length Overall (m) 63 (Approx)
Breadth (m) 11.0
Draught (m) 1.70
Depth (m) 4.00
Displacement (tonne) 910 (Approx) (lleno)
Speed (knot) 15 Max (85% MCR)
Range (tonne) 1500@12 Knots of Economical Speed

 Propulsion machinery

Main Engine Non Reversible Marine
Diesel Engines 2 x 1840 KW

 Power Generation

Diesel Generator Sets 1 X 350 KW, 2 X 250 KW


Armaments 2 X Gun (CRN 91)
4 X MMG & 2 X HMG
Ammunitions & Small Arms 1 X Manpad