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Landing Ship Tank
The landing Ship Tank (Large) is a vehicle and troop carrier, capable of handling vehicle in beach gradient of 1 in 40 or steeper. It can accommodate 1 Sea King Helicopter and 4 landing Craft Assaults. It is equipped with Anti-aircraft guns, Chaff and Electronic Warfare System. It is provide with Automatic Power Management and Battle Damage Control Systems.


Principal Particulars

Length Overall (m) 124.80
Breadth (m) 17.5
Depth (Main Deck) (m) 8.60
Design Draft (m) 3.50
Max. Displacement (t) 5600
Dead Weight (t) 2580
Speed (kt) 15.80
Endurance (nm) 3000 at 14kts


Propulsion machinery

Main Engine 2 X 3849 KW


Power Generation

Generators 2 X 500 KW
  2 X 350 KW
  1 X 100 KW



Officers 16
Sailors 120