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Fleet Replenishment Tanker
Primarily designed as a Fleet Support Ship, the Fleet Replenishment Tanker replenishes warships at sea with all kinds of fuel (including aviation fuel), ammunition, fresh water, provisions, hospital facilities, etc. It is capable of transferring 2 T load and fuel 04 ships simultaneously. It can carry a Helicopter in its Hangar.


Principal Particulars

Length Overall (m) 172.0
Breadth (m) 23.0
Design Draught (m) 9.10
Displacement (t) 24.600
Dead Weight (t) 17000
Speed (kt) 20
Endurance (nm) 10000 at 16kts


Propulsion machinery

Main Engine 2 X 11970 KW


Power Generation

Disel Generators 3 X 500 KW
Shaft Generetor 2 X 1500 KW
EMG. DA 2 X 500 KW



Officers 4
Sailors 168